2017 Patch Recipients

Women in the Wind
California Scavenger Hunt

A Ride California Challenge

 Launched 2022

California is composed of many geographical areas and this contest is designed to get you to the majority of them.
You will need a photo of your motorcycle at each location. If you absolutely cannot get your bike in the photo at any location, get it as close as you can. You may need to take two photos.

All locations must (obviously) be in California!

Beginning date: November 1, 2022.
Ending date: NO ENDING DATE.

To have your photos reviewed, create an album on your personal Facebook page so your album can be verified and scored. Email LOCAL Chapter (localwitw@gmail.com) and you will receive a reply with the name of the reviewer you will need to friend. Identify each photo in the description with the location and number, e.g., NOCAL 6, SOCAL 2 or ANYWHERE 9.
MIN POINTS FOR PATCH = 25 (any combination)

The rules/submission form is available

in the Members Only Document Library.