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2017 Patch Recipients

Women in the Wind
National Parks Patch

 Launched February 1, 2017

Collect stamps at 
US National Park Service sites,
Parks Canada National Parks,
National Parks UK sites,
and the National Parks of Portugal

Collect 15 park stamps to earn the patch

Collect more stamps to earn the 25, 35, 50 and 75 stars

* You must visit each park by motorcycle *

2017 Patch Recipients

(as of 10-18-2017)
Nancy Aden - WITW Hudson Valley Hoydens Chapter *
Lisa Brogdon - WITW Twisted Sisters Chapter
Diane Brown - WITW Twisted Sisters Chapter
Carla Bryan - WITW Sin Sity Sisters Chapter
Penny Carlson - WITW Red River Valley Chapter
Kimberly Church - WITW LOCAL Chapter
Carrie Cosenza - WITW Steel ‘n Hearts Chapter
Sandra Cote - WITW Island Breeze Chapter
Linda Dickman - WITW LOCAL Chapter
Jennifer Frank - WITW Sunshine Sisters Chapter
Shirley Garland - WITW Northern Women Chapter
Debbi Halstead - WITW Vagabond Sister Chapter
Stephanie Hatter - WITW Twisted Sisters Chapter
Robin Isaacson - WITW Toledo Chapter
Becki Jacobson - WITW Red River Valley Chapter
Glenda Kelly - WITW Oz Outlaws Chapter
Carol Kropp - WITW Sol Sisters Chapter
Colleen Latyshev - WITW Island Breeze Chapter
Jodi Mauro - WITW Sin Sity Sisters Chapter
Pat Meadors - WITW Black Rose Chapter
Shana Panchak - WITW Vagabond Sister Chapter
Polly Parenti - WITW Steel ‘n Hearts Chapter
Wanda Plasko - WITW Edmonton Chapter
Sonya Race - WITW Sin Sity Sisters Chapter
Beverlee Simpson - WITW Roaring Thunder Chapter
Jacqueline Simpson - WITW Roaring Thunder Chapter
Terry Sweeney - WITW Sin Sity Sister Chapter
Karen White - WITW Rocky Mountain Chapter

* Nancy Aden is the first recipient of the patch

(she rode 4,246 miles to earn a patch!)